About Chicarlyn German Shepherd Dogs


My love for this incredible, intelligent breed began in early childhood. Our family always kept German Shepherds as pets and so my knowledge and passion for them grew throughout my formative years until finally, in 1989, I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream by becoming a certified German Shepherd Dog breeder and establishing my own registered kennels.

Growing up around these amazing family companions, my children inherited my love for the breed and today my daughter, Jamie-Leigh, and I run Chicarlyn German Shepherds in partnership together from our home in Hillcrest, KZN.

Jamie is also in the process of qualifying as a learner breed judge, gaining her even further insight into the traits which make these remarkable dogs so special.

Through over 26 years of experience in breeding, our dogs have developed an exceptional reputation for excellence, winning many prestigious awards, most notably attaining Schutzhund Level 3, Youth Siegerin, and even qualifying at the National Working Trial. We are also proud to have produced three top police dogs for Metro KZN.

But most importantly, we pride ourselves on our ability to breed dogs with wonderful temperaments so that they may become gentle and loving family members, whilst always conforming to the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa's strict guidelines.

Our aim is that you may benefit from the love and service given to you from your loyal companion, guardian and family protector.

Striving for Excellence